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Posted: 10.23.2013

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Think you know the theme parks?  Think again.  Theme Park Trivia will test your current knowledge and push it to the limit. 

Sure you may know some trivia about some parks, but you won’t know this much.  You are sure to learn so much that others will be begging for you to share everything that you know!

You may know that Intimidator 305 is 305 feet tall but did you know it has a drop angle of 85 degrees?  Did you know that the first Batman: The Ride was built at Six Flags Great America?  Even if you knew the answers to those questions there's plenty more in the app that you won't know. 

Tons of Questions

There are currently over 160 questions that come with the app and that number will only grow in the future as we add more.  

Great Gameplay

This app works so nicely you'll wish you would have found it sooner. 

Easy to use and look at

This app looks and feels great.  The soothing colors and graphics will help you focus on the questions and getting them all right.  We designed the buttons to be nice and big so you can easily select them (now you have no excuse for claiming to have hit another answer).  

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