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Posted: 08.22.2013

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September 2017 Update!

The app is now updated to 2.0!  We've gone through all the questions and answers and updated them to reflect current changes at the parks.  We also decided while we were at it that we'd spruce up the visuals and give it a more modern look.  We've also updated the app so that it will continue to work with iOS 11!!  Enjoy!

Think you know the Disneyland Resort?  Think again.  Disneyland Resort Trivia will test your knowledge and push it to a new level.

    This was the first app ever created by Rendered Mouse and it is one of our favorites.  We love taking trips to Disneyland as often as we can.  When we're not at the parks we love learning about them in anyway we can (it helps with the homesickness of being away from the Happiest Place on Earth).   This app was a perfect fit to do something based on the parks and to learn how to make mobile apps.


    It was a bit of a challenge as it was a completely knew programming language but it was amazing how quick it went.  A quick-and-dirty prototype was made to see if it could be built.  The results were successful so we began work on making it better.  Over a 2 month period we created the art and gathered the questions for the first two trivia packs (Disneyland and California Adventure).  It was actually a lot of fun to gather the information to make the trivia questions.  We were learning knew things about the park we didn't even know.  Such as the  in Adventureland.  We had no idea that even existed!  And it's something we are glad to have added to our pool of information from the parks.


    Since the launch of the app we've added several new trivia packs.  We first added a Disneyland History trivia pack that revolved around the history of the park.  This was especially great because Disneyland has has such a rich history over the years.  Plus it allowed us to learn about things that were before our time.  Such as the fact that Pinnochio's Daring Journey wasn't added to the park until 1983.  We had no idea it took so long.

    We then added a Disneyland Resort Numbers pack.  This one was a bit harder to create but a lot of fun researching.  This pack has questions dealing with height of rides, how many seats are on a ride vehicle, and many other things.  We'll admit we're kind of number geeks and so this pack was to interest anyone else that also loves numbers.

    Recently we launched one of our biggest updates to the Disneyland Resort Trivia app by adding image based questions.  These picture trivia questions allow for a whole new experience for the user and for us as the creators.  When we go to the parks we take lots of pictures and love looking back at them.  Often times we'll take pictures of just the scenery at Disneyland because there is so much to take in.  This helped fuel the desire for this new trivia pack.  The other thing we love doing is picture trivia remotely.  Meaning that when other people we know are at the park we'll have them send us pictures of stuff and then we try to guess where in the park they are.  It's a lot of fun and it's crazy how much you can decipher by looking at the background of images to give context.  With these two things we knew before long we'd have to add pictures and we're happy that we've finally been able to do so.


So please, if you haven't already, download Disneyland Resort Trivia and let us know what you think!


Update: As of 3/1/15 this app is no longer available on the Google Play Store, sorry.

Update: As of 9/1/17 this app is available for direct download for Android devices from RenderedMouse.com and can be sideloaded on your device.


If you are interested this app was made with Corona SDK  and you can read more about the experience here

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