Space Mountain Complete

Posted: 03.18.2013

I present for your viewing pleasure, Space Mountain 3D!!  

After nearly 4 years of work it is finally done.  It really was a fun project and I was always blown away with the results.  I've watched the final video so many times it isn't funny, solely because I think it's really cool looking).  I can't believe it's finally done, I almost want to start a new recreation of a ride at Disneyland, almost.  If I was crazy enough to do another recreation it would have probably been Tower of Terror.  I love that ride and it looks so cool, it would have been fun.  But that's not going to happen.  Anyway, enjoy the video and the project.  An overview of the project is given below.

Space Mountain 3D

Space Mountain 3D is a digital CGI recreation of Space Mountain at Disneyland located in Anaheim California. This project was started around June 2009 and took almost 4 years to complete. Everything you see was created meticulously from images, videos, and memory. I started this project knowing very little about 3D animation. Everything in this project was self-learned and researched to figure out how to do. The results aren't 100% perfect (they never are) but I love how it turned out! (Seriously, I've already watched this video plenty of times, still amazed that I created it). 

The finished product is also amazing because of Paul Barrie's work on WindowToTheMagic podcast. He was gracious enough to head into the park and capture this awesome recording of Space Mountain. If you love the sounds of Disneyland you should definitely check his podcast out, it's candy to the ears!  This project wouldn't be nearly as good as it is without the audio provided. 

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Space Mountain 3D

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Space Mountain 3D

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