Santa Launcher for Kids

Posted: 11.24.2014

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Santa Launcher is an exciting app from Rendered Mouse for kids of all ages!

How far can you launch Santa? 50 feet, 500 feet, 10,000 feet?!? Step right up and try your luck at launching Santa out of a cannon. See if you can help him hit the right rooftops that will send him soaring high into the nighttime sky! Whether you are a toddler, kid, or adult you will love to see Santa fly far and high!

Santa's reindeer are using the latest Christmas X2013 Launching Cannon to get Santa higher and farther than ever before! Along the way there are obstacles placed on the rooftops. Some will help Santa blast back into the sky while others might possibly stop him in his tracks. It's up to you!


This app was created using Corona SDK and was my first attempt to play with the physics engine.  There were plenty of challenges for such a simple app, but in the end it was worth it.  I hope you enjoy Santa Launcher this Christmas season!

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