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Posted: 01.9.2014

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How well do you know Walt Disney World in Florida?

    This app is the 4th in our series of trivia apps.  We went to Walt Disney World about 3 years ago and knew a trivia app would be great for it.  We've had several requests from people who have played our Disneyland Trivia app.  

    It took over a month to do the research necessary for the two trivia packs that this app is starting out with.  At launch it has a Magic Kingdom pack, and a Hollywood Studios pack.  The next planned trivia pack will be an Epcot trivia pack (which we're really excited about because Epcot is amazing!).  At times I've had a hard time creating the trivia for the different packs.  Some of the parks don't have as much trivia as others (California Adventure and Hollywood Studios).  At one point when I felt I had run out of questions for Hollywood Studios an idea hit me.  Why not have questions that don't have 4 answers?  Meaning that I could give true or false statements (remember those on tests in school?).  It was a brilliant idea and as I thought about how to implement it I realized it wouldn't be that hard.  So I went forward with the plan and that's where the new type of questions have come from.  I actually developed it for the Hollywood Studios pack but used it on the Disneyland Trivia app and that one got updated before I could launch this one.

    Overall it was fun to research parks at Walt Disney World since I've only been there one time (and it was a whirlwind of a trip).  This gave me time to do more research and learn more interesting facts about the parks and to create questions from them.  It's important to note that most of the questions are ones that I have found interesting or that stand-out, which is why I feel these games really appeal to the dedicated Disney fan.  I feel it's also important to note how it's always referred to as Walt Disney World.  I know nowadays people refer to it simply as Disney World.  Which is fine.  But I have so much respect for Walt and the work he did that I felt it was important to always use the full name in this app.  Even if it caused some layout issues since the full name is a lot wider than the word Disneyland.  

   Give it a download and let us know what you think.  We love to have feedback (we prefer if it's positive, but we'll take what we can get).  Play Walt Disney World Trivia today!


Update: As of 3/1/15 this app is no longer available on the Google Play Store, sorry.

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