Building Progress

Posted: 04.28.2010

Since I created this website after I finished this section I'll just post the best pictures under this post.

The first pictures show the early progress of the mountain, including adding pillars and the planter.

The next few pictures so the detail that went into various elements, like the Starcade windows and shade canopies.

The last section of pictures show the progress of the entrance into the mountain and the detail and work that went into that.


Post Attachments

A low view of the newly added pillars, I was still lining up the textures at this point. A different angle of the pillars, you can see very early work on the entrance, and a floating cone piece... An angle showing the planter, I had in mind to put plants in here, but I never did. The actual landing pad, it took forever to design it but it turned out great! The windows of the Starcade, they reflect Space Mountain nicely don't you think? I like this view, you can see the shade canopies from afar, I hadn't added the close ones yet. Another great view down towards the mountain, sadly I never put in the queue chains.  That would have really killed my computer A early shot of the work on the entrance into the mountain. Some of the detail is coming along nicely. A finished shot in the mountain, looks great!