Inside the station

Posted: 09.14.2010

Sorry folks for the long delay in an update, it's hard to find time to keep working on this during the school year. But here and there I can find some time to work on it and so here's a small update showing that work.

I started working on modelling the inside of the station and wow it has been hard! I never really thought the station was that complex, that is until I started looking at it and all the shapes involved in it. The very basic shape of the station is rather simple, but then there are hallways, exit paths, support structure all tied together in the shape you see inside the station. The pictures below some of the work so far, it's rather slow moving in the station, but it's moving along.

Have a look and let me know what you think on Facebook or Twitter! Thanks everyone.

Also, if you go to the roller coasters page I now have a couple panoramic pictures that I've taken personally, enjoy! 

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The station is looking rather empty in this shot.  This is an early shot where 						I began trying to lay out the queue path and get the feel and size right of the station. So much detail!  This is a great shot showing so much!   						You can see the supports on the left and right that hold up the queue.  The blue path along part of the queue is the support structure (I haven't finished it yet).  The green boxes down the middle  						of the station represent the length of the trains as they sit in the station.  Looks good doesn't it? This is a shot from where the disabled queue joins the station (in front will be the station gates).   						The green wall in the background is the exit tunnel wall and it will look great once textured.  Again you can see the support structure/decorations that make-up the station and the queue.