Wrapping up work on first lift hill

Posted: 09.27.2012

I've recently had some time to keep working on the lift hill for the project and it's looking great.  I was really nervous because there's a lot of cool lighting on the lift hills.  So I've been worried that I wouldn't be able to pull it off at a level I'm happy with.  So far I've been happy with how it's turning out.

This segment is the first lift hill and the flashing lights tunnel (before the second lift hill).  The hardest part was probably the flashing lights.  It required some very tedious work to turn the lights on and off.  I haven't rendered the scene fully so I'm not sure if it really even looks that good, shortly I will know.

Anyway here are some great pictures of the update, enjoy!

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Early shot of the work on the first lift hill.  I built one side of the room and when I was happy I copied it over to the other side (which you will see shortly). Although kind of dark, this is the flashing lights tunnel.  You can see some of the lights lit up, pretty cool. An overview of the first lift hill, looks awesome doesn't it? The same shot but taken from the camera in the car, seeing shots like this makes me excited about this project.