Big update!

Posted: 06.6.2010

Today is a big day of updates. A new update video is being put up on YouTube and this website is going live.

So I hope to be able to go into more depth of some of the things that are seen in the update video.

Below is a picture of the modeled trains (without wheels). I always new that the trains would be one of the hardest things and they were. I spent about 3.5 hours on them alone. The hardest part is the curves, especially of the seats and the front of the rockets. The seats still look kind of lumpy and blocky, but once the textures are put on it should look great!

I also tried to do a test with the trains turning a corner (this would only be seen in the station) and it didn't work at all. So much so that I just closed the program and worked on other things because it was becoming so frustrating. But I've got ideas in my mind of what I can do so that everything looks good.

In this update I wanted to show another big change and that's on the outdoor queue (which was already rendered out in update 3). I've never quite liked it, because it seemed that anything close to the camera would strobe because of the framerate and how much the object was moving. Well I played around and learned how to correct this through motion blur. I re-rendered out 100 frames as a test and it looks a lot better. So the plan is to re-render out that segment very soon.

I'm actually going to add in some plants in the center section do add some color (since I figured out how to do it without adding huge amounts of render time). Lastly the newest update was rendered at 720 x 405 which creates a widescreen video which I think looks a lot greater than the 4 x 6 ratio.

Well that should do it for this update, stay tuned to YouTube and this website (which should have more frequent updates) to see exciting news and updates in the future. Thanks for the support!

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