Inside queue

Posted: 06.6.2010

The other day I was able to spend a couple of hours working on the inside portion of the queue. Mainly the blue tunnel and turning area into the station (not sure if it has a real descriptive name for it).

Below are some pictures, which have no lighting in the scene. Well there's one light, an omni light. An omni light is a spot that just emits light in all directions, I mainly move it around to see stuff as I'm working and rendering. I plan on lighting these scenes with softer colored light, hopefully it will look really good.

Again I'm not sure the best way to let people know of a new update on this website, if you have ideas what would work best let me know! Thanks and enjoy the new pictures.

Post Attachments

A new shot down the blue queue tunnel. The turning area into the station, part-way through texturing the doors. Another shot down the queue. The textures have now been added to the doors, and it looks great! A really weird view of the station.  I was seeing how the satellite/ship model would fit into the box that is the station.  It's looking like it will look great once I get textures on it.