Finished Station and Lighting

Posted: 07.28.2011

Wow, a lot has happened between last week and this update.  I had Monday off from work (State Holiday) and got a lot of the station done.  In the past few days I've finished up everything I want to add to the station and I'm quite happy about that.

Which meant that today I started adding lights.  This was quite an interesting process.  I first of all have an 'environment' ambient light, it's set at a very dark-purple/blue.  I then started adding lights down the queue hallways and into the station.  The weirdest thing is that sometimes the lights overshoot the objects and the lights from the blue hallway is spilling over into the station.  So I will just have to 'animate' the lights and turn them off before the camera comes into the station.  

I also found that texturing is very hard.  I hadn't done tons of it outside as most of the things outside are solid materials.  But inside a lot of things have patterns and textures, so I tried my best, it's not even close to good.  But luckily the low lights kind of hide it. =)

Onto the pictures!  Enjoy as there is a lot in them this week.

Post Attachments

The car is in the station!  This actually took close to 2 hours to get the textures back on the car.  Due to some mistakes by me I had to import the car object, explode all the pieces and texture them and put them back together.  Looks good doesn't it?  I also started putting in the track. Looking towards the control booth, I even put in the switch track, I actually went to the left once as someone couldn't get their lap bar down.  But the trains stop at the left before going backstage, I was kind of disappointed. Looking along the track back at the train.  You can see some of the added features of the track.  I put in the brakes and also the device that grabs the car and moves it forward (I have no idea if it has a name).  You can also see the slow-loading switch track. A shot from below showing the overall station. Without the lights on and everything is glowing, looks great! Another shot from the track before coming back into the station. Another shot as if coming into the station. I love how this turned out, it looks great. Working on the lights in the station.  It's kind of hard, but it's really just a splash of light in the station so I'm trying different things and lights to try to get it to look good without looking overly bright.