More station detailing

Posted: 07.22.2011

A lot of details and work has been going on in the station and I'm liking how it's coming together.  Some things don't look perfect but that's why I'm not a 3D modeler.  

This week I've added more railings and the station gates and the ride control panels.  I've textured a lot of things (which doesn't always go that well).  And I've decided to redo the front end of the station because of the shape.

But things are coming along nicely and I'm happy to see this much progress on the project.  

There are a lot of pictures in this update because I worked about 5 hours on it this week.  Next week I should have even more because of a holiday.


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Mostly just railings in the station at this point, that will soon change. Another angle, loading is on the right and the exit path is on the left. The previously modeled station gates have gone in and they fit perfectly (always a huge relief). The gates have some texture on them. I just wanted to do a test and see how it looks with shadows and a real light.  The one I use normally in the scene when modeling is light a ball of light that lights everything and doesn't cast shadows. The exit hallway finally has some texture instead of being just a green wall. One of the ride control panels (yeah I just took a picture of it and put it on panel). An overview, you can see the bigger control panel and that the image is stretched out, it just saves time since the camera won't be focusing on it really. These were some fun details to add, the row numbers, all hand made as well. The top and sides have started to receive their textures. A shot from below of the textures being added to the 'shell' of the station.  The area in the middle (the green part of the station) is the part that I'm going to redo because I really don't like the current shape of it.