Station Progress

Posted: 07.8.2011

It's been a long time since I have posted an update, sorry, life happens.

But I am happy to show the work I've been doing on the station.  I've still been working just on big items and haven't gotten to the details yet.

Most of the layout is done on the station and I'm excited to start texturing (because I need a break from modeling).  But fairly soon I'll start adding tons of little details that will really make the overall station look great!  This includes, handrails, station gates, track, track components (such as brakes).  During that I'll be texturing and getting everything looking good and then I'll start the longer process of lighting the scene.  It's a long process because when lights are added to a scene the time required to render a single frame goes up greatly.

Enough talking though, here are the new pictures, enjoy!

(I hope to be doing updates more frequently until September so be on the lookout for them). 

Post Attachments

Looking into the station from the airlock queue room.  Looks great. An overview of the front of the station.  The two green boxes parallel to each other is the handicapped loading area. Another shot looking towards the front of the station.  You can see the tunnel starting to form where you wait before heading up the first lift hill. This shot doesn't look that great with there being no textures but it will look really good when it's done.  This is the cast member control booth seen before heading up the first lift hill.  You can also see the catwalks at the track level. Moving farther back but again a shot towards the control booth from inside the station. I really like shots like these to give an idea of the overall scene.  You can see the blue queue tunnel on the left, the station in the center, and the control booth to the right.