Station detailing begins

Posted: 07.15.2011

Wow another update?!  Yes exactly, I'm trying to do more frequent smaller updates until September.  So far it's going pretty good.

I've began working on the station details to give the project some good details.

I started texturing a few things and putting in the queue railings (not fun at all).  It's starting to look more and more like the station everyday!  

I think the hardest part of a project like this is getting the overall scale right.  As I've begun putting in things like the switch tracks I've realized that the station isn't quite long enough.  Oh well it would really be too much work to go back and stretch everything longer (you wouldn't think it would be but it is).  

Enjoy the pictures and results!

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The exit hallway finally has some texture instead of being just a green wall. This is just an overview as I began coloring the ribs and supports of the queue white.  Looks good and it will look a lot better with shadows and better lighting. A look at the tile floor and safety tape, I still might tweak this depending on how it looks with the final lighting. And a look at the other side of the station now textured.  I will still have to put some textures on top of floor on the left side for the row numbers. The queue railings have been created and now the very long and boring process of placing the support poles along the whole thing. Another angle, you can see the screen at the back and the huge gaping black hole.  I guess I accidentally moved the entire station shell, I hate it when that happens. The poles are all placed and the railings have a silverish finish (I hope it looks good under the scene lights). I love this spot in the real station, you come in and see the giant rocket/station hanging from the ceiling and look down and see all the cars going and coming from space.